Who is Cadling Fashions?

We offer a variety of high end design products, as well as custom-made and manufacturing capabilities. However, at the end of the day, we're a group of people committed to each other and to making sure you love the clothes you buy from us. 

Our story

Cadling Fashions began with Linda Ampah, a Ghanaian fashion designer with a passion to share Africa's bright and fun prints with the world and a desire to help empower women throughout Ghana. Linda turned a small tailoring shop into a global manufacturing business without losing touch with the quality and personality that comes with a personally made piece of clothing. Along with designing collections for Cadling Fashions, we still provide custom-made clothing and we've expanded our production capacity in order to mass produce for other designers and companies. 

Our mission

At Cadling Fashions, we have a dual mission: to make sure that you are getting fashionable designs that you feel comfortable in, and to create your clothes carefully, sustainably, and ethically. 

Our values

Prioritize relationships: We care about how you feel when you wear our designs. When we are putting together a new collection, the focus is on what you need for comfort, practicality, and fashion.

Achieve the highest quality: We want every stitch to be perfect. We want to make sure you know you can count on us for long lasting and high quality products for every occasion.

Keep the process human: From choosing fabrics to sketching designs to stitching, the entire process of making clothes is a very human process. We care deeply about our employees and their wellbeing. As such, we operate differently from most clothing companies. We hire low-income women and provide them with the necessary training, and we do our best to maintain our staff despite fluctuations in business. We cannot make great clothes without our seamstresses.